Boxer Puppies—The Perfect Addition to Any Family

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Olive Hill, TN

Boxer Puppies in Olive Hill, Tennessee

When you're looking for a new 4-legged family member, call Wuelfings Boxers in Olive Hill, Tennessee. We offer boxer puppies that are socialized from a young age to ensure a good temperament. Contact us to today to ask about availability.

Breeding Boxers
Wuelfings Boxers is a breeding facility and kennel for AKC boxers. We  truly love these dogs. We also raise Tennessee Walking Horses for trail riding. We started raising  boxer puppies after falling in love with a customer's boxer.

Social Environment

We are not a puppy mill. Our dogs are raised in a horse barn, where they are kept together for socialization, and have plenty of time to run around in the pasture each day. We also provide them with early exposure to people and public settings to prepare them for  most environments.

Balanced Pups
Our puppies have the freedom and space they need to grow into happy,well-balanced dogs.  We provide them with early training and mental stimulation to help them reach their peak potential.  Once the puppies are weaned, they are given a living space large enough to sleep and play in one area and potty in another area this is to promote early  house training.  If you give the puppy the opportunity to potty outside his or her living space, the puppy will be well on its way to being house trained, you and your puppy will be much happier.

Why Choose Us?
• Quality Boxer Puppies • Fair Pricing • Humane Breeding Facility • 35 Years of Experience in animal husbandry
Call us at (855) 893-8288 to receive more information about our boxer puppies today. 


 American Kennel Club Registered Puppy's • We're Located 25 Miles from Pickwick Lake


"Their your friend,your partner,your defender,your dog. 

  You are their life,their love, their leader.  They will be yours,faithful

  and true,to the last beat of their heart.

 You owe it to them to be worthy of such devotion."